Who remembers these devices and there ilk? The GameGenie, The Mutltiface, The Action Replay, Game Exploder, Datel, Game Shark and how many others and clones of them either in hardware or software exist for just about every computer and console there ever was. Of course anyone who actually remembers these things will also remember they could be used for other things intended or not like the booting of pirate games, making copies of copy protected games, playing imported games on unmodified systems bypass region locks (soft and hard), make complete dumps of carts, be used as some kind of cart adaptor and some more complex things. Anyway here is some information on how the Nintendo Nes version of the Game Genie worked and what all them digits and mess actually do and mean.

nintendo nes game genie

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Seriously important this, how many times have you been poking about in something you should not be and came across a set of pads and now you need to know what they are for, you can probably guess what protocol they are for from how they are arranged or how many of them are there or how look in this case we are looking at serial ports and how to work out what pin is what and whats more serial ports require baud rate, parity and other settings how do you find all this out? well luckily theres a guide on this very subject.

serial port debug

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Found this, a work in progress Commodore Vic-20 flash cartridge, of course sourcing them old age parts is not easy so subsitutes have to be made and soon we arrive at the flash cart. I assume one day commerical solutions will be running out due to technical reasons or financial and things like this will become far more common, all too often with projects like this you will find theres a limited run of the things and then a void sadly :(

commodore vic 20 eprom flash game mutli cartridge

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Been along time again without a update just looked and its been over 6 months already. The site still gets a load of traffic and seems to be useful for some reason or another. Might actually update it or change to Wordpress, things have moved on alot since this blog was put up and its quite hard to keep it working on B2Evo, when Wordpress has a crap load of plugins and other nice add on for just about everything you could possible think of, ease of updates, huge support all over the place at the moment I am always working around bugs that might never be fixed.

In need of some serious work


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More Xbox One hate from Sony advert dept...

Sony Playstation PS4 advert Xbox One


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Kind of close...



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Of course would it be any other way?


Heres how you ship printer ink. Good thing it comes in so many boxs I mean you did remortgage you house to get all 4 carts so at least you got the boxs free(ish)

cannon printer ink amazon



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Only had 1 419 scamming email in a few weeks and that was today from this guy a "Ibrahima Khalil Cisse" (assuming he exists) and I thought I would post it because its not like the normal 419 fees, bank, id scams, this guys selling "GOLD DUST" thats GOLD DUST with capital letters as you will see he mentions I am not sure how different it is from lower case gold dust but it must be, I mean why would he lie?

419 email gold dust bar buyers scam

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Maplin have a pre-oder on a 3D printer. A step in the right direction at least. It's £700 though and there was talk of it being a clone of a cheaper model (and you can build it for about £350) so I don't know what the deal with that is, but at least its in a shop where you can go and rant if things don't work correctly, bits are missing and have some kind of warranty I presume (not so sure on that as you still have to put it together). It's the first time I have seen a 3D printer you can actually go and buy from a well known high street brand, maybe more will follow.

maplin 3d printer kit

Link to order page : 



Seems the latest firmware for the Playstation 3, has turned them into semi-functioning bricks. Lots of talk if it relates to hard drive sizes and which models (slim, phat, fat, orig), but no ones sure. Anyway update 4.45 has been removed by Sony and the newest official firmware is 4.41. There is meant to be a fix coming out today some time for this, while that is going on you can read this info and guides maybe it will help you restore/unbrick the thing.

sony playstation 3 ps3 firmware upgrade update brick 4.45 4.41 hard drive repair usb restore factory reset guide

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A artistic comparison of the Sony Playstation 3 & 4, the Xbox 360 & Xbox One games consoles show casing there very different case designs, size and stupid shape. The PS 4 looks to be the smallest which should please people who cut holes in stuff around there Tvs to fit all this stuff.

xbox one xbox 360 playstation ps3 ps4 compared size spec



Amazingly a price drop already on the new Xbox One (don't get too excited, look closer). Amazon preorder page shows a mighty $0.03 drop! get them orders in quick :/

microsoft xbox one price drop amazon preorder


This short 22 second video tutorial (?) clip from Sony about how to use "used" preowned, 2nd hand games and how to lend them to your friends and use them on there Playstation 4's, is quite interesting a total opposite of Microsofts Xbox One always on, 1 use, connect every hour DRM protection crap fest. I don't like either company they have both been in a pain in my ass at some point, but this whole can't use used games is a wider issue than a games console I think.


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Very, very quiet on the old scam email front for ages now i'm getting worried. This one I recently received was apprantaly from a US marine stationed in Iraq. Interestingly this mail contains a link to a BBC article from 2003 and the email contains what looks to be a badly photoshopped fake ID...

419 email scammer us marine

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A problem (or not) that games companies have been trying to deal with for years, the selling and trading of preowned/2nd hand games. I can't see it being a problem, yet they seem to think it is for some bizarre reason. You basically never own anything, if I pay for somet and own it I do what I want with it. Any how heres a poster with a few points on the matter with information taken from Microsofts site on the Xbox One broken down to make it easier :

xbox one preowned games piracy


EU court rules its legal to resell your games :


Xbox One constant internet connection checks every 1hr or 24hrs??? : 


BBC article :



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All this TV next gen Xbox One, Ps4 crap and this...

wii u ad


 According to this article from the BBC, card thefts from cash machines are shooting up, the BBC claim this is due to high tech methods not being available to your common card thief (they cant use Google?) , theres also a comment which is quite laughable from some detective in the card and plastic crime devision  "This equipment is difficult to get hold of, it's obviously illegal to possess it. It tends to be quite hi-tech and therefore it's expensive," you would think he would know what his talking about, considering one could make a simple mag stripe reader from a tape deck/phone/ipod and a ruler etc.  or use Google (I found one for £20 with 1 search) /eBay or if they wanted to up there game just go to certain forums and buy the entire ATM and its fittings. Its even been done with blutooth so... or why not just skip all that crap and just buy the cards for a few $/£ plenty of places its unreal... typical BBC reporting afoot here making a nothing into a something, missing loads of facts and sources and so far from the truth it might as well be a fairy tale, a quick Googling would have give all the facts and revealed the true depth of the problem (or not depending what side you on)

card fraud uk

Laughable source : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22783910


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Well now... a useful feature indeed.


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Smartphone predicts end of Europe...



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Nothing worth reporting from anywhere latley. We in a slow news week...


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Internet browsers imagained as women, why I do not know.

internet browsers as women


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The future...

xbox one kinect 2 advert



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Filler post because well it is...

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Various gaming sites and blogs have been mentioning the high price of the next generation of games consoles (Microsoft Xbox One & Sony Playstation 4), what not alot have mentioned is inflation or the fact your not just getting a games console, the Playstation 2 sold so well because it was a value alternative to a DVD player which at the time was a new thing, and the Playstation 3 sold so well because it was cheaper then the BluRay players available at that time too (and had a Playstation 2 in it basically), basically a TV accessory with a games console bolted on if you will. Theres some more info and some fancy graphs and things in the post :p

sony playstation 3 launch price blu ray player

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It's getting closer, I want to see who gets sued first for it :p

print 3d car models piracy


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Hmmm yes quite :/

xbox 360 usb drive hacked flash mod


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A guide on how to make a PCB drill press from some wood and some door hinges. Worth having about I guess :)

pcb drill press


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Still nothing worthy of a post... so heres a interesting poster comparing the processors (CPUs & GPUs) of the next generation of games consoles the Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) and the Nintendo Wii U, hopefully AMD can use this to there advantage. All 3 systems contain either a AMD CPU and/or a AMD Radeon GPU.

xbox one ps4 playstation 4 spec


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Wrong audiance?

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