Interesting home made Arduino based Commodore 64 cart dumper, very simple not alot of parts needed, dirt cheap considering the cost of the Arduinos, author says it works well with standard carts. The author needed to do this in this case because there was no known dump of the cart available on line.


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Very worrying things are going on with the popular software encyption software TrueCrypt . According to the now redirected website the developers have ceased working on it because Microsoft dropped support for XP... that makes no sense to me, they say that Windows Vista/7/8 (other platforms?) have built in full disk encryption so they see no need for TrueCrypt. The site now points to a page on SourceForge with instructions for migrating to BitLocker. There is a final version of the software on the domain v7.2 which can only decrypt old TrueCrypt volumes and drives (?) I was kind of hoping this was some hack & defacement but a while has passed and it seems its pointing to the end. 

Links :






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  12:26:00 pm by DrF, Categories: In development, Hardware , Tags: basic soldering, desoldering, smd, solder iron, surface mount

Wish I had thought of this would have made life alot easier. Simply SMD soldering iron adaptor made from a bit of copper wire. Looks simply enough to do.


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  02:15:00 pm by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: code, lines of code, programming

Ever wondered how many lines of codes are running things? Well heres a small chart with some examples on it from a F-22 jet to Windows XP are listed.


  12:03:00 pm by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: 419, bankruptcy, bitcoin, email fraud, japan, mt gox, phising, scam email

 Thought I would throw this 419 mail fail up as its slighty different to the usual ones, this is the first one I have seen that is mentioning BitCoin. What makes this mail odd is that it is based on a real email (or is it real?) that has been going about for the last few days, due to the nature of the company Mt.Gox and the madness that surrounds I can't even tell if this mail is real or not, as attempts have been made before at phising accounts like this and no one trusts them (Mt.Gox).

The mail comes from a real domain for what looks like a real law firm in Japan no attempts to hide it. There is a PDF attached too but who knows whats in that thing.

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  08:16:00 am by DrF, Categories: In development, Hardware , Tags: adaptor, convertor, crt, hd, lcd, neo-geo, plasma tv, rgb, vga

Every tried playing some of the old games systems on a digital TV (LCD)? Noticed they don't look so great no more? Wondering what all them silly lines are? This is a problem that is going to get worse as times go on and we lose CRT style displays or people just throw them out. Alot of newer displays either spit a error out or just don't work they can't seem to handle the video standards (mostly the freq's) most of these older systems output and in some cases the lower resalutions. There are many Chinese analog video to VGA convertors but they all seem to lack somewhere or have bad lag which is not so great playing games. Here is a RGB to VGA convertor based on a FPGA which is hoping to be built on a CPLD when its done, no news on the cost though.

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A few more scammy mails from the backlog which is getting bigger all the time, you would think they would move onto something a bit more rewarding by now. I have also noticed that the mails are getting smaller and small some of them are now only a few lines of text sometimes with a zip/jpg attached.

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Few random pics, because theres nothing else to post.

Commodore 64 protection dongle thingy for a word processor...

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Sony PS4 advert with a bad choice of kerning (font spacing), we like having little digs at Sony where possible so here it is :

Click for high res

what is "kerning"? see here :



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2 pages from Microsoft services pointing to some kind of Star Wars related thing from May 4th appeared on the login screens of OneDrive and OutLook, since both dont interest me here are the pics :


  07:27:00 pm by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: hack, nintendo wii, upgrade, wii mote

Can't tell if stupid or a good a idea. Fitting AAA batteries instead of AA, they don't even seem to sit right and with the waving about the Wii mote gets I cant see them holding out very long.

Click for high res


  08:40:00 pm by DrF, Categories: In development, Hardware, Software , Tags: zilog z80

The Zilog Z80 a true classic CPU being used in everything and anything during the 1980's and beyond. I have seen this thing powering many 80's home computers, arcade machines, terminals, used as a co-processor, telecoms equipment and who knows what else. Here a guy has made his own 80's style micro-computer based on the Z80 on a FPGA dev board. He has then ported over CP/M and even a multi tasking Unix style OS to the thing. I noticed he got this device to run at 128Mhz quite a jump considering most Z80's I ever seen were clocked at somewhere between 1Mhz and 8Mhz.

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  07:29:00 am by DrF, Categories: In development, Hardware, Software , Tags: c128, c64, flash cart, flash cartridge, midi interface

Here is some information on a new Commodore 64/128 midi interface/flash cart being developed. As usual this one comes about because all the others are no longer being made or could even be made. Its called the Kerberos it has 3 midi interfaces and some flash memory that can be used for file transfers if you want, it does not say how big the flash is only that it will hold 7 PRG format programs the pictures doe not give much away either. Its worth a look and its quite cheap considering.

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  07:19:00 am by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: piracy, serial number, truepianos

Here is a screen shot of a bit of software called TruePianos, it is a pirate copy that has detected it is pirated so throws up the following screen and lets you carry on, it says it will still work with the pirate serial number but in the future please buy it, no point fighting it.

Click for high res


  06:43:00 pm by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: dev systems

Some old dev units for various consoles, always nice to see.

Click for high res

  06:03:00 pm by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: apple, bashing, macintosh

From a Apple Macintosh, but before the hate mail starts I have had Windows update say the updater needed updating before it would install updates so...


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Just going to throw up a few 419 mails, got a load of these dating back a few months I will be posting them up in blocks. I seem to get loads of these, sometimes its fun to answer them, but I have noticed in recent years there almost all automated now so not so good with replys which is sad I enjoyed talking to random Nigerians on crack.

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Got the site back up, then somehow broke the database which in no small part was due to the 3 million+ spam comments which had balloned the thing to 300MB (up from about 9mb), upgraded to latest B2EVO all was well then boom everything broke. The problem seems to be with the anti-spam not too sure yet, but its working for now. All the posts seem to be here but we have lost some crap from round the edges of the site...

Might be a good time to move to Wordpress, which has been put off for a unknown number of years now.


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Who remembers these devices and there ilk? The GameGenie, The Mutltiface, The Action Replay, Game Exploder, Datel, Game Shark and how many others and clones of them either in hardware or software exist for just about every computer and console there ever was. Of course anyone who actually remembers these things will also remember they could be used for other things intended or not like the booting of pirate games, making copies of copy protected games, playing imported games on unmodified systems bypass region locks (soft and hard), make complete dumps of carts, be used as some kind of cart adaptor and some more complex things. Anyway here is some information on how the Nintendo Nes version of the Game Genie worked and what all them digits and mess actually do and mean.

nintendo nes game genie

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Seriously important this, how many times have you been poking about in something you should not be and came across a set of pads and now you need to know what they are for, you can probably guess what protocol they are for from how they are arranged or how many of them are there or how look in this case we are looking at serial ports and how to work out what pin is what and whats more serial ports require baud rate, parity and other settings how do you find all this out? well luckily theres a guide on this very subject.

serial port debug

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  02:33:00 pm by DrF, Categories: Hardware , Tags: commodore, eprom programming, flash cartridge, home made, prototype, vic 20

Found this, a work in progress Commodore Vic-20 flash cartridge, of course sourcing them old age parts is not easy so subsitutes have to be made and soon we arrive at the flash cart. I assume one day commerical solutions will be running out due to technical reasons or financial and things like this will become far more common, all too often with projects like this you will find theres a limited run of the things and then a void sadly :(

commodore vic 20 eprom flash game mutli cartridge

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Been along time again without a update just looked and its been over 6 months already. The site still gets a load of traffic and seems to be useful for some reason or another. Might actually update it or change to Wordpress, things have moved on alot since this blog was put up and its quite hard to keep it working on B2Evo, when Wordpress has a crap load of plugins and other nice add on for just about everything you could possible think of, ease of updates, huge support all over the place at the moment I am always working around bugs that might never be fixed.

In need of some serious work


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More Xbox One hate from Sony advert dept...

Sony Playstation PS4 advert Xbox One


  01:04:00 pm by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: random pic of the day

Kind of close...



  06:37:00 am by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: random pic of the day

Of course would it be any other way?


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Heres how you ship printer ink. Good thing it comes in so many boxs I mean you did remortgage you house to get all 4 carts so at least you got the boxs free(ish)

cannon printer ink amazon



  05:51:00 pm by DrF, Categories: News , Tags: 419 mail, email fraud, example, fakes, gold bars, gold dust, scam mail

Only had 1 419 scamming email in a few weeks and that was today from this guy a "Ibrahima Khalil Cisse" (assuming he exists) and I thought I would post it because its not like the normal 419 fees, bank, id scams, this guys selling "GOLD DUST" thats GOLD DUST with capital letters as you will see he mentions I am not sure how different it is from lower case gold dust but it must be, I mean why would he lie?

419 email gold dust bar buyers scam

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