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A story on one of those annoying text messages that manages to lock up/freeze/crash your phone, this time effecting the Apple iPhone, since we don't like Apple its worth a post :p The story does tell you how to fix it which seems to be just send yourself the message again or get someone else to send it you.

Link : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3098980/Beware-TEXT-message-crash-phone-Malicious-SMS-causes-handsets-freeze-reboot.html


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Apparently this is a list of the 20 most guessed card pins, no idea on the actual data behind it, it's in English not Romanian so I have my doubts :p

atm cash card pin list


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Been a good while with no updates, since not alot has been happening. Stumbled across this story about a Nigerian email scammer actually getting locked up, its not quite the normal 419'er though, he used look alike email accounts to pass himself off as departments of the US goverment, heres the problem he was in the USA, if he was back home he would have been ok im guessing. Theres a huge backlog of various kinds of spam mails that need uploading and disecting which should happen sometime over the weekend hopefully :

nigerian 419 fake email phisher scammer jailed

Link : http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2015/05/nigerian_man_gets_3_years_for_role_in_1_million_em.html


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That random B2EVO bug that shows up every 6 months randomly that no one seems able to fix, the one we cant remember how to fix, has seemingly fixed itself over night. Tried everything updates, restoring the database nothing worked, come back this morning its fixed it self. I think its something to do with the time/date according to the support which is fine and all but why mention what it is and not how to fix it?

Stock photo of hot PC server repair woman according to Google


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You really need this, this extension blocks those Reddit inspired troll comments that seem to be appearing on every YouTube video lately, you know the ones "Berta Lovejoy here I find this video about cornflakes demening to women, pushing the male agenda for food in bowls", "As a highly respected mod of /r/recycledhipsterhats with a IQ of 12 and a dick size of 0.7" imperial " yeah you know what i'm talking about. They have gotten way out of control of late and something had to be done, I am sure there just bots, I kind of hope there just bots anyway...

hide fedora hiding youtube reddit comments trolling



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Can never find one when you actually need it, its been on my desktop for ever, so throwing it up as some kind of backup :
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This advert caught my eye, so I guess it did do what it was meant to do, however I am not sure how protecting the baby and radiation go?


This might be useful to those trying to emulate, make there own roms, or need to know whats going on. This is the complete disaseembly of the so called kick disks, soft kick, kick start disk that from what I know only the Amiga 1000 really needed, the very earliest Amigas with no kickstart in roms onboard (A1000?), 1.2 as a rom came later. This is taken from version 1.2.

Full story »

 A quite full guide on how to write device drivers for Amigas fitted with pre 1.3 ROM's.  I would assume the A1000 and early A500's, this info should be relevant for kickstart 1.3 machines too. The author does mention that kickstart rom v2.0 might break some functions that he would not have known in 1990 when he wrote the guide but today we know that statement is true, so use it as a reference only.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus size compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, interestingly Samsung taking a stab at Apples new iPhone 6, however the pic reveals that the Samsung Galaxy to have the bigger screen at least to my eyes.


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Battle.net, Battle.net, Battle.net?


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Stumbled across this strange little project which seems to be a attempt to list all the payphones world wide they can. Users send in the number and location of the pay phone and it gets listed. Sadly the last few times I tried to phone a box in the UK I never got thru, I think most dont accept incoming calls no more :(


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Relevent with al the latest 4chan choas and "The Fappening"

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Service manual, referance manual and schematics for the Acorn Archimedes model 3000 RISC home computers. Might be useful to someone, these manuals seem to be digital copies so the quality is quite good.

Link : http://www.busydizzys.com/temp/Acorn

Small collection of technical repair documentation for the RadioShack/Tandy TRS-80 home computer.

The files : http://www.busydizzys.com/temp/TRS80

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Motorola holds a special place in many peoples hearts for differing reasons, theres a very high chance you ran into there CPU's which were used in basically everything. Low price and high performance for there time and cost, easy to work with and ton's of documentation. Today I found a article called "What happened to Motorola" it seems to focus on there mobile/telecom buisness, but it got me thinking what did actually happen to Motorola?

Motorola 68000 series CPU. 

Link to the story : http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/September-2014/What-Happened-to-Motorola/


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Can you imagine trying to :

(A) Explain what this is, what it does and how it works to anyone under 30?

(B) Actually find a system this will work on correctly and get it working?



Why does Windows seem to detect certain devices as a toaster? Well theres actually a really good reason for this. It stems from the use of fictional companies in Microsoft documentation that are used to training and development purposes. In the case of the toaster appearing its basically down to a rushed hack job of a driver that was altered just enough to make it work, still nice to see though.




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How cool is this pillow? Thats right too cool!


Interesting techinical meddling here, the author of this hack was given a Motorola 68008 CPU and then decided to get it to do something in this case blink a LED. He used a Arduino to boot strap it and get it going, uploading the code and running on the CPU. A interesting read even if your not into doing strange things with obsolete CPU's, covers some technical aspects of the CPU, the Arduino, EEPROMs, and all the problems this mash up created.

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Since we posted the Amiga documentation yesterday it seems only fair that some Atari stuff gets thrown up today. Here is a site I have used in the past, its full of all kinds of documents on Atari hardware and software. The site covers the ST range (ST/STFM/STE/Falcon/Mega etc.) the schematics are particularly useful.

Links : http://dev-docs.atariforge.org/


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The Amiga had some lesser known file formats that never really made it to other systems, at least not in well known or used kind of way. Here is some documention and information on those formats. Never know when this stuff will come in handy.

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 While reading a article about the missing Pinball game from later versions I noticed there was a mention of HyperTerminal being missing from later copies of Windows also. Now here we are struggling to keep alive the Windows XP and Windows 2000 based machines which we need for various bits of equipment where the software will just not work correctly on anything later think eprom programmers, jtag devices, logic analyzers although fairly modern there mostly USB the software side however is a tad fiddly, and the hardware issue of new PC's lacking serial & parallel ports is not helping matters. Anyhow this mention of HyperTerminal being missing intrigues  me so I looked into it and found some solutions. There seems to be no mention as to why its missing some sites say 64 bit issues other sites say its a legal/licensing thing.






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Found this site to use as a quick look up tool/referance when using various programming languages it seems to have most of them covered. Works in your browser so platform independent, a good alternative to some desktop based programs that do exactly the same thing but I can't remember there name right now. Worth a look if your into that sort of thing.


Link http://devdocs.io/


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Heres a very interesting write up on one guys attempt to rescue all the data from a broken SD card, the story shows some interesting methods with both the hardware and the sofware, also some good explanation on how these things actually work. While it may be easy to just straight out dump the flash putting it back together is not and those pesky on board controllers getting in the way...



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