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Clarke CRT 40 Rotary tool kit review & failure


  09:12:04 pm by DrF, Categories: Reviews , Tags: clarke, crt 40, dremel, rotary tool, tool review

Here is a review of the Clarke CRT 40 rotary tool kit. It's a Dremel like tool, thats a bit cheaper and comes with a bit more than Dremels basic rotary. The review would have been longer but due to the failure of a certain peice of the tool, I cut it until a replacement can be obtained. Things were going so well too...


Going to be a fairly simply look and tell review this as half the tool failed, which would not be so bad if it was one of them throw ins that you never seem to use, the thing is this was baught for that part since the budget Dremels did not come with it and cost quite a bit more (and even more for the addon(s)!)

The box :


Typical plastic tool case, see how long it holds out.

Enough space for everthing and even some padding!


The bits, of couse each disc is counted as A bit going towards that magic 40 :) (still more than Drememl 100)

A closer look at the bits, some sanding bits, some drilling, couple of cutting/polishing/grinding discs, some odd shapped drill bits, a brush etc

A closer look at the actual tool, this one is model CRT40. When we was using it the motor was very quiet and did not jerk about all over the place, gave a nice hum. The tool itself is a nice weight not too light to feel cheap and crap and not too heavy it feels chunky, the plastic casing has some grip too not slippy.
Comes with a stand 1 of the reasons we baught it, clamps to a table and works quite well. The tool hangs from the hook when in use.

And finally the reason why this review was cut the flexi drive system. This is the part that failed. The actual end peice that fits in the chuck of the tool fell apart and the spring that is the drive system shot back up inside the other casing with no hope of getting that out, not really too happy as we only used 2x to cut some ear rings and when it was working it was great very light and movable. Dremel charges a pretty penny for there flexi drive system this was basically free which was why we baught it.
I will post the pics of what is left of the flexi drive soon as I disected it in the name of science :p

We are going to mail Clarke and see what they have to say.

Pros :

* Price (RRP £32 ish)

* Availibilty (Machine Mart had loads other stockists too)

* Cheaper then Dremel branded tools.

* Dremel & PoundLand bits fit fine.

* A stand.

Cons :

* Flexi drive rapid failure (maybe we got a bad one?)

* 40 bits? please dont count each disc as A bit, most customers are wary of this.

* Tool hangs a bit unstable on the stand.


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I am a little wary of clarke now - i’ve bought a lot of stuff from them in the past and has only lasted 5 minutes, Very disappointed. :(

27/02/11 @ 21:33
Comment from: Mr.CLarke

NEVER i repeat never buy thid crap. Didnt even last a week. My boat in now f***ed


27/02/11 @ 21:38
Comment from: S Ayling
1 stars

think you got a bad one failing in 2 uses is quite bad

28/02/11 @ 09:59
Comment from: Anon
3 stars

I dont like it when they claim loads of bits but they all do it for the price

28/02/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: michael
3 stars

well i bought one and to be fair it isn’t all that bad has worked well on a few projects i was doing. but again the flexi drive failed on me as well but it better than the dremel branded ones so over all i would give it a 6 out off 10

28/02/11 @ 11:00
Comment from: free facebook layouts

Howdy! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to take a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information.

28/02/11 @ 21:37
Comment from: GeekDoc

I bought one of these with a different name (same kit exactly) from a Target store here in the US. My flex-shaft failed very quickly as well (2-3 uses). Motor is still working fine with light use over 1 year.
I wonder if the Dremel shaft would fit…?

13/03/11 @ 16:24
Comment from: DrF  

Not sure if a Dremel shaft would fit properly, since Dremel branded bits fit the chuck it should, but as the locking bit on the end may be too different, I guess theres only 1 way to find out. Good thinking though if the Dremel shaft could be found cheap enough. I actually got a email back from Clarke with a price of £21 for the part :/

13/03/11 @ 17:13
Comment from: bob
1 stars

This is cheap re-branded crap from China.
You can buy it on any Chinese high-street and less than 50% of the stated selling price ,so that tells you what they really pay for this….

13/03/11 @ 23:16
Comment from: DrF  

Compared to some I had that were even cheaper £5-£10 this thing is a Rolls Royce lol, but I see your point they do rebadge these things after paying pennys for them.

I don’t tend to buy things for the brand no more (its all coming from the same place), but more for the warranty/support as everthing just falls to bits these days, just a question of when.

13/03/11 @ 23:28
Comment from: Jim
2 stars

Great for a month or so. Used it to cut a few pieces of plastic bodywork on a bike. Then when I used it to polish up some of the metal work on the engine it over heated and burnt out. Taking it back and asking for my money back.

31/08/11 @ 21:57
Comment from: Andreas
1 stars

I bought a Crt40 after being woed by the inclusion of the flexi shaft and stand. I used it for literally 90 seconds and it packed up. I took it back to the store. They were very good and replaced it straight away. I took the second one home, switched it on to make sure it worked. The following day, I continued the previous job that I could not complete… I switched on the machine, the bit rotated a few turns and then stopped!!!!!! I am about to take it back and re-think. I am not happy at all!!!!

21/04/12 @ 12:50
Comment from: machinemartemployee
1 stars

I have the privelage of being a machine mart employee and can safely say clarke power tools are amongst the worst on the market. The failure reports I have seen are scary, with some serious charger faults so dangerous I’m surprised nobody has died in a fire from them. They are all made in china to the cheapest possible prices and the return and failure rates reach almost 70percent on a few lines. Pay a bit more and get quality unless you want disposable tools

23/05/12 @ 15:52
Comment from: Richard
1 stars

The play on the head was about 4-5mm which meant it was utter cr*p for anything like accurate letter-curtting in wood.

Avoid at all costs.

03/09/12 @ 19:58